Jess Toan, of Medicine Mama Wellness, comes from a background of over 15 years of experience. With an undergraduate degree in Religious and Spiritual Studies, a Masters degree in Health Arts and Sciences, and years of training and practice, she offers a holistic and intuitive approach to health and wellness. Jess specializes in working with women of all ages, ethnicities, and body types (Male clients accepted only upon referral).

As a mother, wife, bodywork therapist, and athlete, she understands the various stresses that women face and how this affects our bodies. Jess strives to listen to and remain present with each and every one of her clients, without judgment and in strict confidentiality, providing a safe, supportive, sacred space for healing to occur on the deepest levels.

Her signature bodywork incorporates hot stones and hot towels, energy work, CBD and essential oils, deep tissue, trigger point work (with elements of acupressure) and Esalen massage.

Jess also incorporates and carries BLUE RIDGE HEMP COMPANY, KINGDOM HARVEST, and NEW LIFE CBD oils, and offers a special rate for clients. CBD oils have been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation, with no side effects. CBD is also extremely affective for pain, issues such as anxiety and depression, and sleep disorders.

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“When we take care of ourselves, we have so much more energy and love to give to others. I strive to help my clients release tension and trauma, nourish their body and soul, calm their nervous system, and awaken their innate healing abilities.”

- Jess Toan



*10+ years of experience in Massage Therapy

(Asheville School for Massage & Yoga-2007)

*15 years experience in Yoga and Yoga Therapy

*Bachelor Degree in Religious & Spiritual Studies

*Masters Degree in Health Arts and Sciences

*LMBT certified #7445

*Continuing Education in Oncology Massage, PTSD and Trauma, Esalen, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point work, Hot Stone Therapy, and Essential Oil Therapy

*Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour level training through Yoga Motion in Bozeman, Montana, and through the Asheville Yoga Center.

*500 hour level trainings in Yoga Therapy and Yin Yoga.