medicine mama


Your body’s ability to heal is greater than

anyone has permitted you to believe.

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The best kept secret in medicine is that the body heals itself if we create the right conditions. Our bodies have intelligence far more advanced than our mental capabilities. Massage, bodywork, and yoga help us to awaken, trust, and nourish these abilities. They do this by encouraging body awareness, calming our nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems, stimulating healthy circulation and lymphatic health, and supporting the body’s natural detoxifying systems.  Traumas, holding patterns, and tension can be released, and we being to feel at home in our bodies. This feeling of well-being allows us to be our best selves— in connection and in service of others in our work, our family life, and beyond.


Medicine Mama Wellness Services



Massage Therapy has been shown to improve circulation, body awareness, the symptoms of anxiety and depression, lymphatic health, energy levels, and sleep.


Personalized yoga classes give you the chance to dive deeper and address your specific needs. 1-on-1 guidance also allows for more hands-on adjustments and massage while holding certain restorative poses.


Ordained through the Universal Life Church**, Jess brings a natural and relaxed approach to co-create your special day and welcomes all religions, denominations, genders and cultures.



“Jess has magic hands!, She knows how to get into those muscles perfectly! I always feel rested, calm, and relaxed after I get a massage from her. Her energy and demeanor are so kind and I feel so nurtured and cared for when I see her. Thank you Jess!”

Samantha C.

“A massage with Jess is the nicest treat that I give myself! By far the best massage I’ve had, releasing tense muscles and stress relief. I love Jess!”


"I'm so grateful for the massage work that Jess has provided for the last 11 years we've worked together. She has proven to be attentive, reliable, and considerate." W.W.


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