Both group classes and 1-on-1 instruction are available.

Personalized yoga therapy gives you the chance to dive deeper and address your specific needs. Many people with a history of injuries or illness don’t feel comfortable going to a group yoga class for fear of getting hurt. 1-on-1 guidance also allows for more hands-on adjustments and massage while holding certain restorative poses.

Jess offers a beautiful space perfectly fit for individual yoga instruction (directly across the hall from her massage office). She is also available, however, to come to clients’ homes and offices. Group classes will begin in September of 2018 at Primal Studios. Jess also utilizes her Masters Degree in Health Arts & Sciences to help guide her clients on a path of holistic wellness (alongside of a Medical Professional, not in place of).

1-on-1 YOGA Rates:

Sliding scale $50-100 for a 60 minute class

Yoga is a 5000 year old tradition that was intended to be taught by one teacher to one student to be able to take individual needs into consideration. Group classes can be wonderful, but personalized classes are ideal for people who are new to yoga, have specific ailments, injuries, or illnesses. It can also, however, be a way to deepen your practice if you have been learning yoga for years! I offer a beautiful space across the hall from my massage office for individual yoga classes, and sliding scale rates.

Group Yoga

Starting in October: @ PRIMAL STUDIOS in WEST ASHEVILLE (457 N. Louisiana Ave.)




Feel free to reach out anytime and I will be happy to schedule an appointment and answer any questions you may have. 

Types of Yoga Instruction Include:

Yoga therapy

Flow Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Chair Yoga for the elderly or injured

Prenatal Yoga

Postpartum Yoga


“When I started learning yoga in my teens and 20s, I was dedicated to a much more traditional style. I have the utmost love and respect for this 5000+ year old tradition...I’ve studied many different lineages and forms, traveled and studied in India, and at yoga centers all over the world. These days, though, I am feeling the integration of all that wisdom with a more laid back, inclusive, and soulful approach- having a little more fun with it! I offer group classes at Primal Studios in West Asheville, and what I love about this studio is their genuine commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, diversity, positivity, radical love and acceptance. For those needing a more therapeutic approach, however, individual instruction is a wonderful option. I love sharing my passion for yoga, and helping people feel more at ease in their bodies.”

- Jess Toan

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